medGrids operates with the power of innovation and the continuously evolving & transformative support of technology. Integrating both, we aim to expand the tired and blurry boundaries of healthcare that currently function at the altar of centralization, leaving consumers hopeless and restrained for control over their own health.

With a visionary drive to aid humanity in desperate times and undying dedication for evolving and improving, medGrids strives to design a healthcare network for patients to become users and participants at every channel along the system.


Everything health

A comprehensive health services management solution that leverages the potential of Blockchain technology to deliver a seamless experience across all stations of a patient’s journey towards treatment.


For the greater good

A decentralized data marketplace that puts precious health data to greater use with patient’s informed consent to various stakeholders in the healthcare sector and allows easy access to structured medical data.


Say no to fake

An NFT based full-proof anti-counterfeiting solution with real-time supply chain tracking, operating exclusively on medGrids’ highly secure blockchain servers that contribute in building trust on brands and modern healthcare among patients.


Better effects, no side-effects

A peer-to-peer ADR reporting system with the transparency and immutability of blockchain that delivers first-hand timestamped ADR reports directly from the patients and automatically converts it into a reportable Individual Case Safety Report (ICSR).


We are always listening

A decentralized social networking app tailor-made for health and wellness with a state-of-the-art Identity & consent management system that has been exquisitely designed to suit healthcare needs, with support for unique lossless formats.