Existing customers can invite their friends to join medGrids via a unique link containing a referral code. Once the referee registers on medGrids, then the referrer can earn upto 10% rewards. Note: the referee should not be an existing medGrids customer.

The referral code will get automatically applied.

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How to use

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  • To participate in the Program, Referrers should visit medGrids Link and follow the on-screen instructions to refer friends or colleagues to the program by entering their contact information in the relevant fields.
  • Individuals who receive a referral via a Referrer are "Friends" or “Referees” (or, singly, a “Friend” or “Referee”). An Eligible Referrer who is fully compliant may receive Reward(s) for every Qualified Referral.
  • By participating in the Program, a Referrer represents that they have their Friends’ prior consent to provide their contact information.

How many friends can be invited?

  • Existing users can invite as many friends or referees and will get rewards for each successful registration by their friends.

What is the Eligibility of a referrer?

  • A Referrer must register atmedGrids linkto make a referral. No previous purchase is required (purchasers and non-purchasers alike are eligible).

Term and conditions

  • Referrers must respect the spirit of the Program by only referring real individuals who meet the requirements of medGrids’ Terms and Conditions.
  • Once a Referrer refers a Friend, they will be provided with a confirmation email and will be contacted if a Qualified Referral is made by the Referred Friend.
  • Referrers cannot refer themselves. For example, a Referrer may not create multiple or fake accounts with medGrids or participate in the Program using multiple or fake email addresses or identities.
  • Rewards are subject to verification. medGrids may delay a Reward for the purposes of investigation. medGrids may also refuse to verify and process any transaction medGrids deems, in its sole discretion, to be fraudulent, suspicious, or in violation of medGrids Terms and Conditions by any means.
  • Rewards are not transferable and may not be auctioned, traded, bartered, or sold. Upon termination of the referral program or any portion thereof for any reason, any unredeemed Rewards that have not yet been delivered to Referrer are forfeited.
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