For the greater good

Taking a stand against the trifling nature of data isolation practices, medSurf presents a truly decentralized data marketplace that puts precious health data to greater use with patient’s informed consent to various stakeholders in the healthcare sector.

Market Place

Powered by blockchain, medSurf offers an immutable and secure network for data, making it accessible to multiple stakeholders in healthcare with a consensus mechanism that ensures ethical participation.

Pharmaceutical Company

Accessing healthcare data coming from a direct, immutable, and secure source like medSurf allows pharma companies to enhance their research & development, improve clinical trials and upgrade drug discovery.

Health Insurance Provider

medSurf offers a direct line for health insurance providers to access their members’ accurate health data which further helps them offer an optimum insurance plan that covers their members’ overall health.

Research and Analytics

Catering to one of the demanding and necessary scores across the healthcare landscape, medSurf upgrades the authenticity of the data used in research, and analytics, academic studies, clinical trials, etc.

Machine Learning Applications

Maintaining data integrity in healthcare, data accessed through medSurf alleviates the accuracy and authenticity of data required in machine learning applications that are avidly framing the future of digital healthcare.

Public Health Policy Making

medSurf ensures the quality of the data, proudly offering a source of untampered and secure health data that further helps policy makers address the major issues for the betterment of public health.

Leveraging the benefits of blockchain technology, medSurf presents the ultimate data marketplace that aggregates the data from the currently fragmented sources of data including a direct and consented line with the users/patients registered on medSheets, Doctors, Labs, Pharmacies, Hospitals, Ambulances, Fitness apps, etc. medSurf breaks free the confining track of siloed data ruled by the competitive edge in the sector by healthcare institutions. Ruling out one of the biggest threats in the healthcare industry, medSurf establishes itself to be secure, unhackable, and immutable, safely operating from the threats of cyberattacks.

Plagued at magnitude by the lack of interoperability while accessing healthcare data, the blockchain built of medGrids’ network allows medSurf to offer safe and secure access to multiple stakeholders participating in the network without the threats of data loss, hacks, and or a system collapse. medSurf caters to the dire need of the healthcare market for a secure and authentic marketplace of data that goes on to contribute to the research & Analytics, academic studies, clinical trials for drug development and approval, health insurance, etc.