Everything Health

Creating a pinnacle for electronic health records, medSheets leverages the potential of Blockchain technology to deliver a seamless experience across all stages of a patient’s journey towards treatment.


Offering better accessibility to primary healthcare and its providers, medSheets offers its platform to connect with healthcare professionals for online consultations anywhere, anytime, anyplace, or even if you are on the go.


Locate the best available labs near you through medSheets or simply book your appointment on the go. Receive and access your test results on our platform as your personal immutable health record and share it whenever you want.


Avoid the hassle of driving up to different pharmacies and checking availability for your prescribed medications. Instead, you can access pharmacies through medSheets and can have your medications delivered directly to your doorstep.


Easily locate and check availability in leading hospitals to book your appointments. Use medSheets to access your health data from hospitals that you traditionally couldn’t and share it at your own will.


Book an ambulance with a single click. Share your exact location to avoid any hassle and directly track the movement of the ambulance through the app.

Fitness App

Integrate your health track and fitness activities data on medSheets by connecting your fitness apps and create the optimal electronic health record for accurate diagnosis and your treatment journey.

medSheets offers a one-stop solution that facilitates your access to primary healthcare services and providers. Integrating the fragmented services in the healthcare sector, our platform aims to provide a single spot that aims to ensure ease into the user’s journey through treatment. Powered by blockchain technology, medSheets takes the lead in health service management, further building the ultimate electronic health record in a patient-centric ecosystem. As medSheets studs the many healthcare services into a free-of-cost access platform, users gain a chance to build their electronic health records on a “permissible” blockchain.

Being part of medSheets, your electronic health record transforms to a more secure, private and consented design, constituting data from several variables including healthcare practitioners, laboratories, pharmacies, fitness apps, hospitals, etc. medSheets offers its users access to the data that is traditionally controlled and somewhat siloed by healthcare institutions in the running for a competitive edge. Electronic health records built on medSheets not only offer a 360 degree consent data point for your medical records and history but also acts as an aggregating point for users to track their health at a single touch.