Better effects, less side-effects

medSafe allows direct reporting of the adverse effects of a medical drug, along with the security and transparency of blockchain. The adversity reported is hence converted into an Individual Case Safety Report.


Scan the QR code for the ADR reporting page with the patient's pre-filled, drug and reporter information. The database will be shared with the pharmacovigilance for their expert medical reviews.


medSafe makes use of an incentive-driven approach for the customers, weaved to encourage more and more people to report the adverse effects of a medical drug directly on the platform.

Side Effects

medSafe offers direct reporting of the side effects for the extraction of authentic data to enhance the quality of research and developments in our medical field for the betterment of our healthcare system.

Medical Review

medSafe scans the unique QR code and grants access to the reports filed by the consumers. The data is shared with the pharma company/ pharmacovigilance experts for a comprehensive medical review.

medSafe is an Adverse Drug Reporting platform for the compilation of the data related to the adverse effects of a medical drug use directly by the affected individual. The data is automatically converted into a reportable Individual Case Safety Report. The ease of accessibility and the potential widespread coverage along with the security of the blockchain technology amplifies the efficiency of the reports and in turn, helps various stakeholders understand and meet their market requirements and facilitate the optimum utilization of the available resources.

The data hence compiled helps the manufacturing units understand better the market requirements, kickstarting the development of better and modified drugs and lowering the chances of product recalls and medical bans. Apart from the huge industrial benefits that medSafe offers its stakeholders, it also offers stimulating incentives for the individuals who report these adverse effects over the platform as leverage for collecting more and more authentic and relevant data.