We are always listening

medCast is a decentralized app tailor-made to suit the needs of health and wellness. With the advanced blockchain technology experience a reliable database social networking with or without revealing your identity.

Decentralized Network

medCast offers you a decentralized platform that refrains from tracking your location, serving targeted ads, and also doesn't interfere with the data without the rightful owner's permission.


medCast's built-in blockchain technology and end-to-end encrypted messaging feature help healthcare experts connect with people affected by rare diseases & provide informed insights with just one click.

Stay You, Stay Anonymous

medCast's blockchain-based decentralized platform abstains itself from interfering with the patient's data hence providing them the benefit of staying anonymous or sharing their identity according to their will.

Empathetic Community

medCast provides a blockchain-enabled end-to-end encrypted social media platform as a common platform for people affected with a rare disease to come in contact and discuss their condition and be heard.

medCast by medGrids is a decentralized platform designed as a common space for people affected with rare diseases and their healthcare experts. A platform that doesn't interfere with the patient's data without their permission and abstains from serving targeted ads to the audience. It is a one-stop solution for all those who feel aloof in this society and feel lack empathy. Share your queries and insightful suggestions over its in-built end-to-end encrypted and blockchain-enabled messenger platform in the form of texts, audio, or video calls.

medCast provides integrated support for uploading all medical records in any format including radiology imaging. It helps in building and supporting societies with people suffering from similar health conditions for them to discuss and grow out of it together. Apart from this, medCast as a solution offers the facility to share insightful and knowledgeable content curated by experts about a specific condition. It is like a one-stop common arena for doctors to find their target patients and people to discover a suitable healthcare expert. Remember, we here at medCast are always listening.