DISCOVERWhy to Exercise Daily: 8 Answers from Those Who...

Why to Exercise Daily: 8 Answers from Those Who do


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You wake up one fine morning, reach for your balcony to listen to birds chirping. As soon as you look down, you see a man with, well-built physique, jogging across the park in front of your house. Days change, but what remains constant is the man jogging across the park, heading towards the nearest gym. You question yourself, how can one be so determined? How can one have the motivation to work out daily? So many questions, when it comes to maintaining the motivation and the determination to keep going.

In this article, we shall be listing the suggestions put forward by people from different walks of life who have managed to maintain their zest and motivation to work out and exercise daily.

Keep moving:

46 years old Brian Nguyen is a father, an athletic performance coach, and a speaker in Los Angeles, California. Talking about what keeps him motivated to exercise daily he shared that working out daily is his way of honoring life. The people who encouraged him to work out daily are no more in the world and by working out, he keeps their teachings with him. According to him, working out is his way of moving and living the life he’s lucky to have. 

He shared how he reserves the first two hours of his day for himself. In these two hours, he works out, meditates, and does something soulful. According to the Chinese horoscope, he’s the dragon. Hence, he believes that his spirit animal is what inspires him to get going each day.

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Emotional and physical wellness:

62-year-old Colleen Saidman-Yee is a yoga teacher, a studio owner (owner of studio Yoga Shanti for 23 years), and also the author of a book named “Yoga For Life”. Colleen lives in Sag Harbor, New York. She talked about how yoga has helped her shape her life, thoughts, and body. For her yoga is what makes her feel content and complete both physically and mentally. 

Yoga gives her life a reason and a path to live and walk on. It helps her stretch her muscles to their full potential and then also helps her calm her body down.

The discipline:


Ridge Davis is a 31-year-old certified personal trainer who lives in Los Angeles, California. Ridge believes in the saying, “How you do one thing, you do everything.” Doing his workout in a disciplined manner helps him gain the momentum for the week and hence he can accomplish most of his other works with the same energy and discipline. 

He talked about how he feels low and tired the entire day if he chooses to skip his workout for just one day. His morning workout leaves him feeling more fuller and better both physically and mentally. The happiness he feels after the workout, makes him do it each day without fail.


Charlee Atkins is a 31 years old businesswoman and the founder of Le Sweat TV, who lives in New York City. She talked about her routine and how working out is an inseparable part of her life. Working out provides her body the ability to move and be flexible at all times. 

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She owns her own application that motivates people to pursue physical training and workout. On the application, she takes 3-5 classes in a week and each of the classes lasts for about 20-30 minutes. These classes are what keep her in her routine of working out.

Coping with stress:


Maxi Blasini is a 31 years old health coach, functional exercise specialist, and justice organizer who lives in San Diego, California. She believes that the era we’re living in has given us plenty of one thing for sure, that is stress. Working out daily helps her to drain herself off every bit of the stress that she has been collecting all day. It helps her to gain the movement required to keep her body fit. The day she does not work out, she feels restless. 

A better version of himself:

Nehemiah Owusu is a 26 years old master trainer and nutrition coach at LifeTime, Plymouth, MN. He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. According to Nehemiah, working out keeps him positive and maintains the peace of his mind. With a happy mind and a healthy body, he is able to represent himself in the best ways possible and be the best version of himself. 

Talking about consistency and determination, he shared a quote said by Joe Namath, “If you’re not going all the way, why to go at all?” He makes sure that he sets the right example for his clients, club members, friends, and family members.

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Conquering goals:

Holly Roser is a 36 years old personal trainer and studio owner, who lives in San Francisco, California. Holly shared that for her, working out is about achieving goals. She sets targets and goals for each day and every week. She strives hard to achieve these and when she does achieve them, she feels contentment. Once she’s achieved a certain target, she aims for one higher than that. By challenging herself, she keeps herself motivated.

Healthy lifestyle:

Gerren Liles is a 44 years old trainer at founding MIRROR and lives in New York City. Eating healthy, following the right diet, working out regularly, makes him feel fit mentally and physically. He would never compromise his fitness for anything and hence he works out daily to maintain his fitness.


Working out is a dream for many. No matter how hard they plan on it, they always end up giving up on it and get back to the same old lazy routine. In this article, we have shared a list of all the things that motivate people from different walks of life, to work out daily. 

Some feel the positivity and activity they feel in their body after a workout is priceless. While some find it relaxing and calming to work out. The healthy lifestyle and the discipline one finds in working out directs one to the path of happiness and peace.


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