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What Happens to Your Body When You Drink Coconut Water Daily?


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In 2019, the market size of coconut water was valued at around 4.27 billion globally and is expected to expand to USD 4.75 billion in 2020-2021. This means that coconut water is not just any ordinary beverage. It is nature’s miraculous drink that is packed with enormous nutrients and other natural enzymes. According to fitness experts, daily consumption of coconut water can have magical effects on your body. If you’re not having this nourishing drink then you’re more likely to catch cold, flu, and other infectious diseases.

Here are some marvellous changes that could happen to your body when you start drinking coconut water daily:

What Magical Elements “A Single Glass of Coconut Water” Alone Contains?

A Single Glass of Coconut Water
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Coconuts that largely grow on palm trees are a famously known fruit and not a nut. When it comes to coconut water, it is a form of liquid or juice majorly present in young, fully grown green coconut. On average, a green coconut offers about 0.5 to 1 cup of coconut water.

It is surprising to know that single coconut water contains almost 46 calories, comprising of-

  • Carbs
  • Fiber
  • Protein
  • Vitamin C
  • Magnesium
  • Manganese
  • Potassium
  • Sodium
  • Calcium
  • Carbohydrates
  • Electrolytes

It is crystal-clear that this is a miraculous and power-packed drink that can bring a dramatic change in your entire body.

Coconut Water: A Refreshing Beverage That Comes With Plethora of Benefits

Coconut Water: A Refreshing Beverage That Comes With Plethora of Benefits

Coconut water or scientifically known as “Cocos Nucifera” has grown massively over the last few years. Millions of people from across the countries like Sri Lanka, Brazil, Indonesia, Colombia, Mexico, and of course India have positively embraced this refreshing drink to keep their health in check. This energizing drink is home to tons of health benefits, which are as follows:

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Weight Loss

Unlike smoothies or flavored juices, one glass of coconut water (200-1000 ml) contains nearly 48 calories. This proves that this trendy beverage has only zero fat. This quality makes it perfect for those looking to shed some pounds. It is a perfect and ideal weight loss drink that can help you lose some weight without going to the gym.

Energize Your Body

Coconut water tends to enhance thyroid gland hormones. It is meant to give a boost to every cell as well as all the organs of the body. You might see a positive change in your energy and sense of good feeling if you consume water for a week consistently.

Makes You Feel Better Internally

Being a natural diuretic drink, coconut water unpretentiously eliminates toxins from the body. It helps in cleaning the urinary tracts and other bladder channels while making them function well. If you want to bring a change to your body, then you must include coconut water in your diet.

Improves Your Digestive System

It sometimes becomes hard for some people to obtain the right amount of fiber that their body needs. Coconut water is an excellent drink that fulfills your daily requirements of fibers. You can find yourself eliminating gastric acid from your stomach after drinking coconut water for at least 15 days continuously.

Gets You Radiant Skin

Everyone knows that dehydration can cause great risk not only to your body but your skin (The largest organ in the body) also suffers a lot. But all thanks to the incredible effects of coconut water that keep you hydrated and end up giving you healthy and radiant skin. Along with this, you’ll see a slowing down in your aging process while keeping your skin and body younger forever.

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Prevents Kidney Stones

Kidney stones can be troublesome that often happens due to a lack of enough fluids. The excessiveness of calcium and uric acid can form more painful kidney stones. Some studies have proved that intake of one glass of coconut water daily can minimize the risk of kidney stones by reducing the production of free radicals and breaking the formation of stones automatically.

Recovery from Hangover

Do you know coconut water can help you expedite the recovery process after a heavy session of boozing? Coconut water is a perfect drink that boasts of electrolytes, minerals, and nutrients to replenish your body.  Therefore, you can drink coconut water daily to recover from an extreme hangover. 

How Much Coconut Water Do You Need to Drink in a Day?

How Much Coconut Water Do You Need to Drink in a Day?

There is no scientific information provided to determine the exact dosage of having coconut water. Also, the dosage varies from person to person and various other factors like:

  • Person’s age
  • Health
  • Body needs
  • Other health-related conditions

Though, you can consume the same during the morning with an empty stomach or at night before hitting your bed. However, if you’re experiencing bloating or either health issues, then avoid drinking coconut water at bedtime.

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Coconut water is an excellent naturally-and sugar-free beverage that keeps you hydrated before or after intense workout sessions. Therefore, restore your lost energy by drinking this impeccable drink any time of the day.

Things You Need to Keep in Mind Before Having Coconut Water

Coconut water is a gluten-free, chemical-free, and fat-free drink packed with enormous nutrients to keep you healthy and fit. But, drinking more than one cup of coconut water can lead to minor to major consequences with negative effects on your body. 

You must keep the following key things in mind before adding coconut water to your daily regime:

  • You will end up taking frequent trips to the washroom if you have drunk an excessive amount of coconut water.
  • Due to high sodium content, this doesn’t make a preferable choice for athletes and bodybuilders. 
  • Coconut water could interfere with people’s health dealing with any kind of allergy. Ignoring the same can worsen the situation.
  • Being rich in calories and carbohydrates, coconut water is not an ideal choice for diabetic patients
  • Patients suffering from hypertension or low blood pressure must avoid coconut water as it might increase their sugar levels.

The Bottom Line

Just like water, coconut water is a popular form of drink that is extremely beneficial for your body and overall health. It can benefit your immune system, heart, kidney, and even blood sugar.

No matter whether you’re a grown adult or an expecting mother, you must sip the right amount of coconut water daily to fight against diseases and feel good.


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