HealthThyroid: What It Is, How Does It Affects One’s...

Thyroid: What It Is, How Does It Affects One’s Health


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The thyroid is one of the deficiencies that affect the health of both genders. If you think it happens only to women, then let me correct you, it is nothing like that. Men also face this problem, and it dampens their lifestyle that I am going to tell you about in this blog. The thyroid is behind the creation and production of hormones that play a vital role in the systems of your body. It all depends on whether it is too high in producing hormones or very less. This is a rough idea that I have given to you about Thyroid disease. Let us know more about it further.

Thyroid: What Is It?

To understand the thyroid, you need to understand the thyroid gland, which is a minor organ wrapped around the windpipe and is placed on the frontal side of the neck. If you look at it closely, then its shape is just like a butterfly, small in the middle zone, and has 2 wider wings extending around the throat’s side. In short, the thyroid can be explained as a gland. Several glands in the body perform the role of creation and production of substances that lets your body do a particular activity. The thyroid produces hormones that help monitor various essential parts of one’s body. 

What If It Becomes Dysfunctional?

Now the question is what if the thyroid does not function properly in the body? If this happens, then it has a bad effect on the body of a person completely. Excretion of excess thyroid hormone is known as hyperthyroidism. On the flip side, if it is less, then it is hypothyroidism. In both cases, the health conditions of a person get serious. The cause of both these conditions of the thyroid is numerous conditions. It is also passed on via any person from the family. Proper and timely treatment is needed then. The thyroid must be treated soon before it’s too late. 

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To Whom Does The Thyroid Affect Much?

The thyroid does not only affect women, it can happen to men also. Also, there is no particular age group it affects. A teenager or an elderly person can also fall prey to it. The thyroid can happen at an infant stage and grows accordingly as you age with time. In the United States, there are around twenty million people who are affected by a thyroid disorder. Comparatively to their male counterpart, women are the most affected with it about 5 to 8 times. In India, 42 million people have thyroid. 

Thyroid In Women

Now I am going to list down the problems women face if they have thyroid.

  • Women who are affected with thyroid face abnormal occurrences of puberty and menstruation either early or lately. 
  • It can be either light or heavy menstrual periods or periods that don’t happen regularly. 
  • Women can also suffer from amenorrhea, a condition indicating the absence of a menstrual period. 
  • If the thyroid is underactive or overactive, then it can badly affect ovulation in women. 
  • Having this disorder would prevent the occurrence of ovulation. Plus, their ovaries are at risk of cyst development, if she has hypothyroid (where the thyroid is underactive).
  • Women facing thyroid disorder will experience difficulty in becoming a mother. And it is all because the thyroid badly affects the fetus. 
  • This causes miscarriages, stillbirth, and preterm delivery. A woman can also have postpartum hemorrhage. 
  • Thyroid disorder can cause menopause before a woman turns 40. It will result in insomnia, mood swings, no menstruation, and hot flashes. 
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Thyroid In Men

As I have mentioned above, thyroid disorder does not affect only women but men also. So let us see what are the serious problems faced by men with it. 

  • A man who has thyroid will experience weight loss, despite no changes in appetite and food consumption.
  •  In thyroid, he will witness a fast heartbeat and a pounding heart.
  • A man feels tired. Plus, you will always notice him in an irritating mood or nervous state. He often faces fatigue issues. 
  • He will also experience trembling of hands and fingers. 
  • A man having thyroid disorder will have increased sensitivity to cold or heat. Plus his muscles get weak. 
  • Thyroid in men also causes thinning of hair, hair fall, and premature balding. 
  • The worst condition men face is having low-sperm count and testosterone, and erectile dysfunction. 
  • Like women, who are unable to achieve motherhood due to thyroid, the same happens to men also. They are unable to become fathers due to low sperm count. 
  • Thyroid badly affects their sexual organ, preventing them from erection. So overall, he faces infertility. 
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However, there are many exercises and yoga asanas to practice. Plus, consult your doctor if you experience any of the conditions given above. 

Mango, dry coconut, and Kulith flour are 3 examples that help you in improving your thyroid gland. Eggs, nuts, fish, dairy products, roasted seaweed, and iodized salt must also be preferred.

Final Words

The thyroid is a disorder suffered by many women and men across countries including India. This condition must not be ignored, as it would worsen in growing age. Proper treatment is a must to battle against the thyroid and put him down. But it is not as easy as said. Women and men both must consult a health expert to get better advice on diet and other helpful things that could ease your problem of the thyroid. There are differences in the conditions of women and men who have thyroid. So do make an appointment with a better thyroid specialist. 

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Thyroid: What It Is, How Does It Affects One’s Health

The thyroid is one of the deficiencies that affect the health of both genders. If you think it happens...
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