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Third Wave of Covid-19 Pandemic: The Major Threats, Preventive Measures & Government Preparations Against the Virus


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After boundless deaths due to the unavailability of hospital beds, lack of oxygen cylinders, and vaccination, the drastic impact of COVID-19 is slowly reaching its third cycle. Many prominent experts have already predicted that the third wave of coronavirus is imminent. It can even be worse than the previous one that not only will affect the adults but also likely to majorly affect children below 18. Now, that’s a serious concern for scientists, doctors, ministers as well as parents. However, both health authorities and Government officials have signaled that the third wave may hit at the end of August 2021 in India. This makes it imperative for every individual along with Government agencies and hospitals authorities to take preventive measures in advance to save their lives. Let us dig deeper related to major threats, preventive measures, and Government preparations to minimize the risk of the third wave of covid-19.

What Will the Third Wave Look Like?

The bitter truth is that the virus is still active and slowly circulating in various parts of India. As the spread of the Delta variant globally has put millions of lives at risk, the recent emergence of the Delta Plus variant (AY.1) will possibly be stronger than the previous ones.

In the last two weeks, the pandemic effect has surprisingly entered into a declining phase from 4.14 lakhs to less than 2.6 lakhs. However, if there is still some unexpected surge after the end of August, the same would be declared as the “Third Wave of Covid-19 Pandemic”.

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WHO (World Health Organization) says the effect of the third wave whether mild or severe will depend on various factors. These are vaccination coverage, preventive measures taken by the healthcare specialists, and the general public would be second and third. 

The Major Threats

With the slowing down of COVID-19 cases, several states in India have begun unlocking as well as easing the restrictions from the last three weeks. From Delhi, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, to Tamil Nadu, almost every major city has lifted the restrictions but keeping the necessary guidelines laid by the Government in place.

As the dangers of the Third Wave of Covid-19 Pandemic is still lurking, here are the possible threats that could worsen the damage caused by the virus:

  • Experts believe that the new variant is a major concern that could appear in the future if stringent measures are not taken properly. Due to lack of data, it’s impossible to predict anything but the transfusion of the virus could make the situation worse.
  • The experts further added that the availability of the current vaccine is effective on known variants only. But, there is no such guarantee that the same vaccine will work on new unknown variants as well. 
  • The success of the first and second dose is still doubtful because thousands of people are becoming ill with symptoms like mild fever, headache and body aches, etc. after getting the first dose.
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Coronavirus: Preventive Measures That Could Help You Lessen the Impact of Virus

The world has seen a COVID disaster due to negligence, lack of resources, and avoiding safety protocols. If you want to minimize the risk of an upcoming third wave, then take the necessary precautions to lessen the impact of the drastic virus. Here are some useful instructions given by the Health Department that need to be followed strictly. And these are:

  • Wash your hands using antiseptic soaps a few times a day.
  • If you are coming or going outside, make sure to use the hand sanitizer and if possible carry one with you.
  • Do not touch your face, or any other unfamiliar objects during public visits.
  • Be sure to maintain a 2 feet distance from the other known or unknown person.
  • Don’t forget to cover your mouth using a handkerchief while coughing or sneezing.
  • Double masking can help you a lot in minimizing the possible risk.
  • Get vaccinated at the earliest.
  • Stay home as much as you can.
  • Avoid going out unnecessarily.

In case of constant fever, cough, or breathing difficulties, seek proper medical attention as early as possible. It is mandatory to follow the advice and maintain protocol to help prevent the spread of the third wave in the future.

The Government Officials Preparations Against the Deadly Virus

The state government has drawn up a safety road map and is preparing in advance to ensure the health of the general public is in check. This is how India is preparing to fight against the deathly virus:

  • Keeping in mind the high number of fatalities caused by the virus, the Delhi Government is emphasizing on increasing the number of health workers, medical facilities as well as setting up oxygen plants to meet emergency crises.
  • Speaking of oxygen plants, the Delhi government is setting up more than 44 oxygen plants to fight against normal and worst-case predictions.
  • The government is actively arranging proper medical tools, equipment including medicines while setting up state-level as well as pediatric task forces in each state.
  • Speeding up the pace for the first and second dose of vaccination before the third wave of covid-19 hits the country.
  • Strengthening the overall medical infrastructure by giving proper training to more than 5,000 youths will further assist doctors, nurses, and other medical experts to save every individual’s life.
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The world has seen the disastrous performance of India during the first and second waves of the Covid-19 pandemic. As the third wave is most likely to begin in August and may peak in October, it is time to develop strong infrastructure, good economic assistance packages, and take national-level preventive measures to eliminate the risk of global disastrous crisis i.e; Third Wave of Covid-19 Pandemic. Only then can India scale the threat posed by this pandemic and keep its citizens, as well as, everyone else safe and sound.


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