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Third Wave of Covid-19 & Children Below 18: Here’s What Experts Have to Say


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“Some experts have claimed there is no specific data that the third wave of Covid-19 will affect children below 18 while others recommend taking stringent measures as well as ramping up of pediatric beds in hospitals is required before it’s too late”.

As there is a continuous reduction in the cases of the second wave of COVID-19, discussions, and speculations of potential upcoming threats i.e; the third wave of covid-19 have already begun in India. Several theories have emerged from the medical experts, scientists as well as common people that the upcoming pandemic could affect children below the age of 18.

Though some studies are yet to be proved scientifically, there is an ongoing debate on social media related to the third corona wave and the impact it can have across the country. So, here’s what experts and forecasters have to say.

The Statements Given by Government Officials, Doctors & Forecasters

The Statements Given by Government Officials, Doctors & Forecasters
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After the first and second waves, now the third wave of coronavirus has raised concerns for many. This is what medical experts and scientists have to say:

  • Dr. Rupali Basu (CEO) at Woodlands Hospital says, “the third wave might cause great risk to both children as well as pregnant mothers. These are the people most vulnerable to the disease and need to be cautious”.
  • There is a possibility that the third wave is less likely to impact the children and not be as severe as the first and second waves, according to a study conducted by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).
  • A serosurvey conducted by the AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences), New Delhi has revealed, “there is no such evidence that the future wave of covid-19 may or may not affect the children aged two years or even older. The study further explains, there is no statistically significant difference between the children’s age below or above 18. The prevalence of Covid antibodies varies in both adults and children.
  • Dr. Randeep Guleria, the chief of AIIMS, Delhi said, “there is a misconception and misinformation that the upcoming wave will negatively affect the health of the children. Due to the unavailability of proper data and medical evidence, there are still some chances that children with strong immunity can recover from the ailments related to the third wave.
  • While some researchers have suggested that the rapid scale-up of vaccination in every hospital and medical institution will help a person in minimizing the risks emerging from future waves.
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Considering the fact that coronavirus is a serious concern that has already put millions of lives at risk while deteriorating their health to extremes, it means that there are still some fatality risks that could possibly infect kids living inside or outside of the home.

So, Why are Children Vulnerable?

So, Why are Children Vulnerable?

Many prominent experts from all over the world have signaled that the third wave will be more likely to affect children. Dr. V Ravi, a virologist has explained that it’s now evident that the virus attacks people with low immunity or those who are not immune. You still have the opportunity to either boost the same either through vaccination or infection negatively. If not, the virus will take over your immune system while compromising your overall health.

As the virus had hit only 4 percent of adults during the first wave, which had  gradually risen to 10 to 15 percent in the second wave, Dr. Ravi further added that 60 percent of the children are still vulnerable because there are no vaccinations available for children of a certain age specifically in India.

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How India is Preparing to Protect Their Young Generation?

The constant warning ads featuring experts and the major setbacks during the first and second waves have given the right opportunity to the government officials and medical experts on how India as a country will prepare to combat the next deadly waves.

  • Looking at the previous demographics, the government is now preparing to ramp up the pediatric care ICUs and beds across all the states.
  • As the third wave will predominantly target the kids, the health institutions whether local or global are speeding up the vaccination process to ward off the upcoming danger.
  • The government has thoroughly planned a special task force to meet with the emergency crisis.
  • From adequate beds, oxygen cylinders to essential medicines- everything is planned systematically to fight against the virus.
  • The setting up of rehabilitation centers in all districts as well as COVID-19 management among children will make everyone aware and keep them safe.
  • The administration further holding a meeting with child specialist doctors and setting up separate wards to keep the virus away from the children.
  • Keeping in view the risk involved for both infants and children, a necessary direction is needed through neonatal intensive care units, pediatric intensive care units, special newborn care units, etc. to keep everyone’s health in check.
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“Taking Necessary Precautions” Is the Key to Keep Your Kids Away from the Virus

“Taking Necessary Precautions” Is the Key to Keep Your Kids Away from the Virus
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It is better to stay safe by taking some preventive measures to keep your children away from the virus. Here are the things that every parent need to know and follow:

  • Parents must ensure that the kids are maintaining a safe distance and following hygiene-related norms outside their home.
  • Avoid contact with unknown people and better avoid interacting with them.
  • Your kids must practice maintaining personal hygiene like washing hands, sanitizing everything they buy from outside, etc. to minimize the risk of viruses.
  • You must prevent your children from touching their noses, face, and other exposed body parts knowingly or unknowingly.
  • Using a handkerchief or covering your mouth using an elbow would be a good idea while coughing or sneezing
  • Give your children a healthy and nutritious diet to boost their immunity.
  • You must avoid going out and attending public functions or group meetings
  • Every family member over the age of 18 must be vaccinated properly.
  • Empower your children by providing them useful information related to COVID-19 rather than misleading them.

No matter whether the next third wave of COVID-19 is going to affect your children or not, you must prepare yourself in advance while following the necessary guidelines laid by the governments. Therefore, take every stringent measure, wear masks, and stay safe inside your homes to keep yourself, your children, and the whole family safe.


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