HealthThe 5 Most Important Vitamins Supplements to Aid our...

The 5 Most Important Vitamins Supplements to Aid our Diet


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Wherever you go, from doctors to websites, looking for tips to maintain your skin, hair, and body, everyone and everything suggests you maintain a proper diet and include all the essential nutrients in your meals. Well, easier said than done, you cannot have all the nutrients at once, and especially with our super hectic schedules, food is the last thing we can afford to worry about. All we manage to do is wake up, and choose a breakfast that is the quickest to be cooked. 

Similarly, we choose our lunch and dinner not based on a nutrient requirement but based on how much time we have at our disposal to invest in cooking. As sad as it might sound, we do need to be at peace with the routine, for the sake of our careers, but this does not mean that we compromise with our health and make our body deficient in the necessary nutrients. So, what do we do? In this article, we shall be discussing a few vitamin supplements that you can munch like candies (definitely in a prescribed amount), and get your nutrient requirement covered. 

  1. Vitamin C: 
vitamin c
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Sources of vitamin C are plenty in nature, from lemons to oranges. Vitamin C is found in several fruits and vegetables, but since this vitamin is water-soluble, it often passes out of our bodies through urine and leaves us deficient. Especially, people with a fair skin tone need an adequate amount of vitamin C, to protect their skin. 

It is one of the most important vitamins for the skin since it reduces the effect of the ultraviolet rays on the skin and protects our skin against any kind of sun damage. Especially, during the summer days when the sun is shining right on the top of your head, you need additional support for your skin, apart from your sunscreens. Several dermatologists and even some beauty experts have talked about the benefits of Vitamin C for skin especially during the summer months when everyone is running for a vacay on the beach. 

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There are several brands that sell vitamin C pills that can be consumed with water to fulfill your vitamin C requirement. However, one must note that a normal human body requires approximately 100 mg of vitamin C in a day. So, if you are out there buying a vitamin C pill for yourself, make sure you pay attention to the doses. 

  1. Vitamin E:
vitamin E
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Vitamin E is known as the beauty vitamin. The benefits of Vitamin E are countless. To start with, Vitamin E improves the amount of estrogen in one’s body. It can not only be consumed orally, but most people like to use the vitamin E oil on their skin, topically. It not just removes blemishes and acne spots from the skin but also makes it more smooth and soft. Vitamin E is also very beneficial for the hair. It regulates hair growth and makes your hair healthy and stronger.

Some people even use vitamin e oil on their eyelashes to enhance their length, while some like to use it under their eyes to get rid of the dark circles. Vitamin e is available as a capsule with vitamin E oil filled inside it. You can consume it orally, or apply it directly to your skin and hair. This vitamin is seen to be very effective in most cases and even lightens the skin of the lips when applied directly. However, this beauty vitamin should be consumed in a controlled amount or it could interfere with the levels of estrogen in the body. 

  1. Zinc:
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Whenever we discuss the most important vitamins and minerals required for the body to function properly, Zinc does not find enough mention in our conversations. But its importance in our body cannot be emphasized enough. Zinc is an element that works wonders when it comes to repairing cells. From repairing the cells of the skin two the other cells involved in an injury, zinc is one of the primary requirements due to its significant participation in the repairing and healing process of the body.

 Zinc is found in a suitably large amount in the epidermis of the skin since the epidermis forms the outermost cover of our body and is most prone to injury. Some other important functions of zinc are to protect the body and skin against the ultraviolet rays of the Sun and work as an antioxidant. Its antioxidant properties protect our body cells against the free radicals roaming about freely.

Zinc deficiency is a quite common factor that causes disease, especially in women above the age of 40. Zinc deficiency leads to a disease called Eczema. There are several zinc tablets available in the market that can be bought after taking a prescription from your doctor and consumed accordingly.

  1. Selenium:
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Selenium is another important element that is required by the skin to protect itself against the ultraviolet rays coming from the sun. You do not need to pop in tablets to maintain adequate levels of selenium in your body, since selenium can be obtained from some delicious food items like fish, chicken, crab, and Turkey. So, Thanksgiving could be the right day to fulfill all your selenium requirements.

  1. Vitamin D:
vitamin D
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Vitamin D is one of the most easily found vitamins in nature. You get it from milk and most importantly from the sun. However, people in the USA have a lifestyle that keeps them indoors for a long time, and therefore they are deficient in vitamin D. The deficiency of Vitamin D causes psoriasis which can be managed just by applying a topical cream rich in the vitamin.


With our hectic schedules, we cannot afford to keep track of the nutritional value of our meals, but to keep our nutritional requirements fulfilled, we can consume certain vitamin supplements available easily in the market. One important vitamin that is required by our body is vitamin C which protects our skin against ultraviolet rays. 

Vitamin E is a beauty vitamin, and it is beneficial for our skin and hair. Vitamin D is required to keep our bones strong and also maintains the health of our skin. Zinc is an important nutrient that contains antioxidant properties and also protects our skin against the sun. Selenium is one of the least popular elements but has major importance in our bodies.


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