HealthmedGrid’s Blockchain Based Healthcare Supply Chain Management

medGrid’s Blockchain Based Healthcare Supply Chain Management


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In healthcare, blockchain has a wide range of applications and functions. The ledger technology helps healthcare researchers uncover genetic code by facilitating the secure transfer of patient medical records, managing the drug supply chain, and facilitating the safe transfer of patient medical records.

 Blockchain technology transactions are a significant monitoring technique in healthcare supply chain management for accessing the entire process of medicine and medical goods transportation. It is simple to check the origin of the drug, the vendor, and the distributor quickly because all transactions are recorded on the ledger. Every node in the blockchain maintains a record of the transaction.

Furthermore, the blockchain’s distributed ledger allows healthcare administrators and physicians to verify and confirm supplier credentials. Pharmacies and healthcare professionals will ensure that the flow of authentic pharmaceuticals continues to reach those patients who need it the most by gaining a better understanding of the supply chain through a correct and timely authentication process.

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 In this aspect, blockchain technology has a lot of potential for developing a trustworthy network of vendors that will help healthcare administrators protect patients from shady vendors. Furthermore, blockchain technology promises to improve demand forecasting, data provenance, fraud protection, and transactional efficiency.

Healthcare Supply Chain Management 

A supply chain is a system of companies, people, activities, information, and resources that move a product or service from the initial supplier to the end customer. Different kinds of integration can be found in health supply chains, just as they can be found in manufacturing supply chains:

• Process integration and coordination.

 • Information flow integration and coordination

• Planning process integration and coordination. 

• Inter- and intra-organizational processes must be integrated.

 • Market-approach integration. 

• Market-development integration.

 However, supply chain management is a difficult task; with several ordering locations for medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, and critical resources, there is an inherent risk of compromising the supply chain process, directly impacting patient safety.

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Blockchain-Based Solution by medSheets 

medSheets aims to be a one-stop-shop for all of your healthcare needs, encompassing all aspects of a patient’s journey. From the very first step of locating a healthcare practitioner to the very last stage of finishing paperwork, medSheets has you covered. medSheets takes advantage of Blockchain technology’s ability to provide a consistent experience across a patient’s treatment path.

Keeping Patient Information Safe

The most popular blockchain healthcare use right now is keeping our sensitive medical data safe and secure, which is unsurprising. In the healthcare industry, security is a big concern.

It’s ripe for security applications because blockchain can preserve an incorruptible, decentralised, and transparent log of all patient data. Furthermore, while blockchain is visible, it is also private, hiding any individual’s identity behind complicated and secure algorithms that can preserve the sensitivity of medical data. Thanks to the technology’s decentralised structure, patients, doctors, and healthcare providers can all share the same information swiftly and safely.

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medGrids provides a network-as-a-service optimised exclusively for the healthcare business, protecting patient health data throughout the transfer.

 The medGrids system does not retain any data; instead, it acts as both a network and a protocol, allowing administrators to create regulations and configure data layers while simultaneously checking data sources and destinations in real-time.

Real-world impact: medGrids ensures that healthcare data is secure and accessible only to those authorised to see it when they need it. The startup uses blockchain to facilitate the sharing and use of medical data.

A dependable platform that enables the safe storage and access of one’s medical documents and a record that lasts a lifetime is urgently needed. medSheets, a blockchain-based, lifetime access, free of charge, immutable electronic healthcare record, is the need of the hour. medSheets offers you the ability to save free medical health records on its electronic platform, which can be readily shared across all platforms and hassle-free.


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