HealthIvermectin: Why You Should Not Consume It

Ivermectin: Why You Should Not Consume It


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Ivermectin has been one of the most commonly heard medicines during the covid pandemic. While there were several cases in which several individuals consumed the medicine without actually getting it prescribed from a doctor, there were also cases in which Ivermectin had more side effects on patients than it had benefits for them.

Ivermectin: Why You Should Not Consume It
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Hence, the FDA ruled out an official statement in which they clarified that they had not in any way declared Ivermectin as a medication to be used for treating covid 19. 

So, in this article, we shall be discussing why one should avoid using Ivermectin, especially without their doctor’s prescription.

What is Ivermectin?

Ivermectin is a medicine that comes in the form of a tablet and is usually given to patients suffering from onchocerciasis, and strongyloidiasis (diarrhea). This medicine is also prescribed in cases of worm infections.

Ivermectin paralyzes the offspring of the adult worms and ends up killing them. Although, it isn’t as safe as it sounds, especially because there hasn’t been much research conducted lately, around it. If we look closely, the effects of Ivermectin have only been studied on adults and children weighing more than 15 kgs.

Who is at risk?

Like we mentioned previously, there has been suitable research about the effects of Ivermectin only on children weighing more than 15 kgs and adults, we are almost unknown to its effects on the elderly, children weighing less than 15kgs and lactating women or pregnant women

In the elderly, the tolerance for various medicines and their side effects reduce. There are several medicines whose effects haven’t been studied thoroughly in geriatrics.

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Similarly, these medicines also do not have enough research about their effects on lactating women and even pregnant women. In such cases not only is the woman at the risk of a mishap but also the infant (in case of lactating) or the fetus (in case of pregnancy).

Why should the doctor be informed?

Certain medicines have been prohibited to be used together in any condition since there is a risk of an interaction between them that might not work positively for the body. However, other medicines are used together and there can be an interaction between them.

The dosage and prescription in such cases should be strictly under the guidance of the doctor and should follow the course as suggested by the doctor. The medicines that a person is consuming need to be informed to the doctor so that the health professional knows all the risks that need to be avoided.

If one consumes a particular medicine without informing their doctor about it and also takes the medicines prescribed by the doctor, there is a chance of the medicines interacting with each other and forming a compound that isn’t good for the patient’s body. This might impose a huge risk to not just one’s health, but their life too. It may prove to be fatal, and hence, it should be made sure that all the medicines being consumed by the patient are known to the doctor.

What are the red flags for Ivermectin?

  • FDA is the association that is responsible for evaluating a drug and approving it only when it has no fatal side effects on the population. Ivermectin is a drug that is being used widely but has not been approved by the FDA, especially for the treatment of COVID-19 or for its prevention. 
  • The use of Ivermectin has been approved by the FDA only for specific conditions like infections in humans due to parasitic worms and head lice and skin conditions like rosacea. 
  • There have been studies carried out to study the effects of Ivermectin on COVID-19 patients. As per the studies, there has been no significant improvement marked in the patients due to the use of Ivermectin. Instead, the studies have suggested that if Ivermectin is taken in large amounts, it can cause some fatal side effects on human beings, especially those suffering from COVID 19.
  • There are some cases when your doctor will prescribe you Ivermectin. Make sure that you buy the medicine from a legitimate shop that has a licensed pharmacist running it. Also, make sure that you consume the medicine strictly according to the prescription, keeping in mind the dose.
  • One shouldn’t take just any Ivermectin product. Ivermectin is different for animals and humans. If one buys and consumes the Ivermectin that has been curated for animals, it can have disastrous effects on their body. Make sure that you buy what has been prescribed when you buy any medicine associated with Ivermectin.
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When is Ivermectin unsafe?

Each time you consume Ivermectin without the prescription of your doctor, you’re pushing yourself towards death and harm. Ivermectin, if taken in large doses, can interact with blood thinners and might prove to be fatal. It can have various side effects like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, itching, dizziness, asphyxia, hypotension (low blood pressure), allergic reactions, seizures, coma, and death. 

How to prevent COVID-19?

How to prevent COVID-19?
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The only suitable way to prevent COVID-19 is to get vaccinated with both the crucial doses of the Vaccine against Covid 19. Also, even after getting vaccinated, one should follow all the preventive rules that have been listed by the WHO. Wear a mask at all times whenever you’re at a public place, or whenever you are out of your house. Even if you’re having guests at your house, wear a mask. 

Sanitise yourself, especially your hands with the help of a sanitizer, whenever you touch something. Wash your hands every time you return from outside. 

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Ivermectin is one of the most sold medicines across the globe. Especially after the surge of Covid 19 cases, patients are buying the medicine in bulk, to protect themselves against the virus. The problem started when more people went into critical health conditions like coma, etc, not due to the virus but due to the consumption of the medicine in large amounts and that too, without the prescription of any doctor. 

Ivermectin has not been approved by the FDA to treat the covid 19 infection, in humans or animals. Therefore, it shouldn’t be consumed without the prescription of a licensed doctor.


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