HealthHow Can Technology Help To Release Stress?

How Can Technology Help To Release Stress?


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Stress is just like a regular part of our everyday life. It is any type of change that causes physical, emotional, or psychological strain. Technology and our mental well-being might seem profoundly opposing terms. We tend to point to the disruptive impact of digital technology. However, the question is why don’t we harness technology to combat anxiety and stress?

Why Should You Take Care of Your Mental Health?

Why Should You Take Care of Your Mental Health?
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Being emotionally healthy increases productivity and effectiveness in activities like work, school, and caregiving. Regardless of age, sex, religion, and ethnicity, no one is safe from stress. Depression is the leading cause of any disability, as per the World Health Organization (WHO) reports. The second leading reason for death among the 15-29-year-old group is suicide. People with severe mental health conditions die prematurely, almost two decades early. In 2019 WHO launched the WHO Special Initiative for Mental Health (2019-2023): Universal Health Coverage For Mental Health to ensure mental health patients get quality and affordable care. 

Instead of mentioning the downside of digital lives, we have made for ourselves, let’s see its qualities. There are immense digital tools that will help you with mindfulness and meditation. These tools will help with the digital detox. 

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Virtual Reality (VR’s)

It refers to the practice of using computer technology to produce an artificial environment. The computer is transformed into a guard to the false world. It simulates as many senses as possible like smell, touch, vision, and even hearing. It is a relatively new field, but it is increasing at a fast pace. VR headsets are known to desensitize the patient’s suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). They recreate a personal trigger that can help the patient with this. It helps patients to develop a safe environment around. Within the walls of their homes, they can find ways to cope with stress and anxiety. 

Mental Health Apps

Mental Health Apps
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There are not just one but multiple apps for different things these days. The same goes for mental health apps. It all started in 2009 with the arrival of the first mental health app. Using an app is the easiest way to cope with stress because a mobile phone is a basic necessity these days. These apps focus on three major areas- mood, stress, and anxiety. Stress is not only an enormous emotional burden but it could be linked to your physical health as well. Moreover, many people have the impression that technology worsens the condition of people. Through apps like this, you can learn to meditate, have a breathing practice session, and learn new tricks to keep your mind in control. 

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Along with these apps, comes beautiful music, meditating scenes, and calming scenes to guide you out the hole of anxiety and stress. They offer you to practice whatever suits you the most. 

Make Routines To Kickstart Your Day

Use technology to make routines and improve your productivity. A major contributor to work stress is the loss of focus. Greatly! There are loads of apps that can help you with organizational skills. You can make a routine and stick to it. They can help you to stay more focused. These apps will give you a solid overview of the day. For instance, preparing your to-do list. You can start your day by looking at the schedule you have created for the whole day. It reduces the mess of the days when you do not feel like getting up. To eliminate the feeling of anxiety, use these apps to wake you up in the morning. You can go for a long walk and refresh your mind by listening to calm music. 

Audio Technology

Audio therapy is so underrated. It is an excellent way to reduce stress by using soothing sounds to combat stress and anxiety. When your brain is already handling too much storm, it disturbs your sleep pattern, hence stress increases. Audio tech helps you unwind and let go of tension and stress that hinders your mental health. A sound sleep is directly related to the levels of stress in your body. It can elevate your mood, further helps you to focus. 

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The more music we listen to, the more it lets go of the negative feelings. It trains our minds to become aware of our senses. We understand how to let go of the negative thoughts and positively deal with them. As it relaxes the unsettled mind, it helps to get rid of any negative feelings. 


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Wearables pack a lot into tiny electronics. They offer guided breathing sessions. They monitor your heart rate and tend to track your sleep patterns. After considering all of it, they will give you physiological feedback. 

Such technology also reminds you to relax time and again. Furthermore, it helps you breathe better to activate the nerves on your head to deliver a state of calm, identifies stress triggers, and supports emotional well-being. 


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