HealthFlexitarian and Pescatarian Diets: A Revised Approach to Health

Flexitarian and Pescatarian Diets: A Revised Approach to Health


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Weight loss is one of the sought-after goals shared by almost 70% of the people across the globe. There are several diet plans that have been curated to aid weight loss. While some of these diet plans are extremely strict and limit a person’s calorie intake quite adversely. There are certainly others that have endorsed a slightly healthier form of weight loss and one that does not haste you into limiting yourself to just one kind of food.

In this article, we shall be discussing two of the most popular and trending diet forms these days. The flexitarian diet and pescatarian diets have been named amongst the most loved diet plans of the year. 

What is a Flexitarian Diet?

Flexitarian Diet
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Vegetarianism is a much discussed and debated subject at the same time. While vegetarianism encourages an idea of better health and keeps a person off from any kinds of products that come from animals. 

Flexitarian diet is much like its name suggests. The word Flexi represents the flexible aspect of the diet and the word tarian represents vegetarianism. To sum it up, a flexitarian diet is primarily a vegetarian diet but allows a few animal products to give a person altruistic nutrition. 

This diet was developed by Dawn Jackson Blatner who was a dietician by profession. He liked to see flexitarianism as a form of lifestyle and not just a diet plan. The diet does not restrict a person to numbers. This means it does not tell you how many calories to consume. Instead, it tells you where your calories should come from. 

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What are the Benefits of a Flexitarian diet?

A Flexitarian diet does not bind a person to one specific diet plan. It suggests they consume their calories from healthy sources like fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains. Talking about nutrients, it primarily concentrates on consuming the right amounts of protein that have been derived from plants and not animal sources. 

The diet is flexible enough to include products like meat, sometimes in a week. It does restrict one from having processed food items and encourages them into healthy eating. It also reduces the sugar and sweet consumption of a person.

One of the primary benefits of the flexitarian diet is that it encourages healthy living and eating. Following this lifestyle, one can lose weight, maintain their weight and even gain weight, without throwing themselves into a tough and strict diet.

What are the Drawbacks of a Flexitarian diet?

The other contemporary diets like the keto diet, etc, are strict and give a person a well-drafted diet plan, which adds discipline to their life. Since the other plans are strict, they can help a person to lose weight faster than the flexitarian diet. 

Also, since a flexitarian diet reduces one’s meat intake, they might tend to fulfill it by consuming unhealthy and junk food. This almost reduces the hard work one has been putting into maintaining the right diet for themselves. 

Since a person reduces their consumption of fish and meat, they might suffer from the deficiency of nutrients found in these items, like Vitamin B12, etc. Hence, when one turns towards a flexitarian diet, they must make sure that they keep their altruistic nutritional requirements fulfilled.

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What is a Pescatarian Diet?

Pescatarian Diet
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Vegetarianism and its benefits have been listed on various platforms at various times and most of us know how beneficial vegetarianism is. Well, protein is the only concern one faces when they turn to vegetarianism. 

When vegetarianism is coupled with seafood like fish and fish products, the nutritional factor increases, and one’s diet is immediately improved in terms of its protein content. This kind of diet that couples vegetarianism with seafood is known as a pescatarian diet. 

One of the most beneficial aspects of a pescatarian diet is its protein content. It keeps one nourished with the benefits and nutrition of a Vegetarian diet and at the same time takes care of one’s protein intake.  

While a pescatarian diet has countless benefits, one must make sure that one chooses the right seafood for themselves. It should not only suit their body but should also be determined based on where they are living. Fish and several other aquatic organisms in some places absorb mercury and might harm the person consuming them.

What are the Benefits of a Pescatarian Diet?

Fishes are known for being the best kind of food item to nourish your heart. Eating the right kind of seafood will provide you with long-chain omega-three fatty acids that help to keep your heart healthy. 

Fish also reduces the risk of people suffering from hypertension and also maintains a healthy rhythm of their heart.

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There have been several studies to conclude that when we couple our pescatarian diet along with regular workouts, we can even reduce the effect of atherosclerotic plaques. In some cases, the condition was almost reversed.

What are the Drawbacks of a Pescatarian Diet?

Fishes often ingest heavy metals present in the water in undissolved or dissolved forms. They might even intake mercury. When one consumes these fishes, they are exposed to these harmful heavy metals and elements like mercury.

It is suggested that one should avoid consuming fishes like sharks, swordfish, king mackerel, and tilefish in order to keep away from harmful elements. They can instead consume seafood like canned light tuna, salmon, pollock, shrimp, and catfish which contain less amount of mercury.


There are several popular diets that have been taking over the internet, with their strict routines, restricted meals, and proven results. The Keto diet is one such extremely popular diet. But one cannot always afford to follow such strict diets along with their career. Hence, we need a diet that is healthy and flexible enough to be incorporated into our routine.

A Flexitarian diet is one such list of meals that allows a person to eat meat along with their vegetarian meals. On the other hand, a pescatarian diet allows a person to consume seafood along with vegetarian food. These diets provide us with the benefits of a vegetarian diet and also keep us nourished with their protein content.


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