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Finally, a vaccine for children!


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Ever since vaccines to fight Covid-19 were introduced in the country, the discussion about vaccines for children caught its speed. Most of the adult population of the country has been jabbed with both doses of the vaccine. However, none of the population under 18 years have received even a single dose of the vaccine, which puts us all in the fear of the third wave of the pandemic which has been called “inevitable”, countless times. 

Different pharmaceuticals had paced up their research to come up with the best vaccine samples for kids and teenagers. After a lot of waits, Pfizer-BioNTech has finally come up with a pediatric COVID-19 vaccine for 5- to 11-year-olds. After they presented their sample before FDA and other authorities to get the green flag of approval, it took some time for the organizations to test and approve the medicine. Finally, experts nodded in yes for the vaccine presented by Pfizer-BioNTech. 

Covid – The Threat:

Ever since the virus originated from Wuhan in 2019, it has pushed the entire world into its most bizarre and scary nightmare. The number of death cases caused due to the virus has exceeded all records. It has become one of the most common causes of fatality across the globe and has been listed amongst the top 10 causes of death. Before the third wave of the pandemic takes over the world, and shakes it upside down, for the third time, we need to make sure that our population is protected against the virus.

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The FDA approval:

On 26th October, an advisory committee in the FDA was made to vote against or for the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine and proceed on the process of drug testing and approve it. After receiving a majority of positive votes, the medicine was sent for further trials. The vaccine has been appearing for several trials since then has been approved by several organizations. If everything goes well, one can easily expect the vaccine to be released in the markets towards the beginning of 2022, in its initial months, and be given to the school-going children.

How Will the Vaccine Help?

New vaccines for children's

The third wave is one of the most traumatic and unpredictable events to come through in the future. We can not help but worry about what might happen during the third wave of the pandemic and how it might affect us as a nation and as individual citizens. The biggest threat of the third wave hangs on the younger population (0-18 years). They have not received even a single dose of the vaccination and hence are most prone to the infection.

As per what the experts suggest, the virus has evolved into superior variants and is ready to attack our population with its force and powers more enhanced than ever. This gives us a clear picture of how intense the forthcoming threat is. Hence, in such situations, if we manage to vaccinate our younger ones against the coronavirus variants, we might be able to provide enough protection against the virus and a suitable amount of immunity to pave through the third wave. The better we are vaccinated as a population, the less chances of the infection spreading, and the better we shall be able to wipe away the pandemic.

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What do the Experts Say?

Dr. Peter Marks showered some light on the subject and explained that children belonging to the age group of 5 to 11 are not even close to being protected from the harm of COVID-19. According to his reports, it has been said that to date, this age group has recorded as many as 1.9 million coronavirus cases.

As many as 8,300 younger children were admitted to the hospitals, complaining of severe complications, and were sent to the intensive care wards. Dr. Mark said that covid has caused enough deaths across the globe to make a place for itself in the list of top 10 causes of death in the age group of 5-15 years old.

Dr. Fiona Havers is a medical officer at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). During one of her most recent interviews, she asserted that the effect of COVID-19 has been incomparably more in children than in adults. The amount of deaths caused by the virus has also been slightly higher in children than in adults. Talking about the races most affected by it, she addressed that Children of the races Black, Hispanic, American Indian, and Alaska Native have a higher rate of being admitted to the hospital, compared to the others.

When can we expect the Vaccine?

As per the latest update on the proceedings of the vaccine, the FDA is yet to consider the recommendation of the expert panel on the vaccine and if the panel’s suggestions and votes are considered and the vaccine receives the green flag, there are chances that the vaccine shall be released in the markets for being injected to the school-going children. The data available suggests that even when used in lesser amounts, the vaccines were strong enough to provide 90% protection against infection.

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The covid 19 virus has created enough chaos and instability in the lives of every living entity on earth. This virus has caused countless deaths across the globe and the threat of its third wave still hangs bluntly in front of us. While most of our adult population has been vaccinated against the virus, the younger generation from 0-18 years hasn’t received even a single dose of vaccine. This imposes extra danger on them for the third wave of the corona pandemic. 

There is news that Pfizer-BioNTech has come up with a vaccine and is in the process of getting approval from the FDA about it. Once the FDA approves the vaccine, it can be easily injected into the ones from 5-15 years, or the school-going children and they can be protected against the third wave of the pandemic.

Experts and the data presented by them have suggested that even when given in small doses, the vaccine can provide at least 90% protection against coronavirus infection.


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