DISCOVEREverything you Need to know about medSurf

Everything you Need to know about medSurf


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We live in an era where people look for a one-stop solution in every aspect, be it health, education, household, or whatnot. Where technology dominates the majority of our lifestyle, what the world desperately needed was technology that could 

  • reinforce the effectiveness 
  • increase the transparency and 
  • bridge the gap between the Provider-Patient and the Payer. 

A technology that could encourage and motivate them to share their precious medical data with people who could do wonders with that data in the medical field. 

Data is the basics of everything we see today in the form of technology today. With the enormous data that is rendered unused, but holds the potential to do wonders, imagine what would happen if the data is available for the right person at the right time. Imagine the development it would lead to in the Research and Development sector and hence the healthcare sector. 




Health Information Exchange is a platform that deploys medical information electronically, across organizations within a set region, community, or the healthcare system. The service focuses on effective, more efficient, and more timely, patient-centered services. The platform facilitates the access of medical data to and fro of the medical data retrieval which may lead to some useful service to the public health and analyze the population’s health. The service tries to enforce what the healthcare practitioners and the clinician strives to work for, i.e., high patient care standards through the intervention of technology in the healthcare department.

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  • DIRECTED EXCHANGE: This kind of exchange directs the healthcare practitioner to exchange the medical data as per the requirements amongst each other this strictly adheres to sharing between two people who hold a statue in the field and have a trustworthy reputation in the market. This directed exchange is somewhat like a direct email service between two or more people who stay connected and have trust in each other’s service.

The service is useful in two ways-

  1. It delivers quality-measure reports to the Center of Medicare and Medicaid Service (CMS).
  2. Public health information to the organizations.
  • QUERY-BASED EXCHANGE: Through this kind of exchange, the healthcare service providers seek specific information based on some query according to them. These queries can be in the form of previous medical records, medication history, reports, or anything they might find relevant at one point of time during the course of treatment. This situation is frequent during unplanned care cases like emergency cases.
  • CONSUMER-MEDIATED EXCHANGE: This platform facilitates the users (patients) to access their medical records themselves securely and easily. This gives the patients a sense of self-care, they can analyze their condition and hence can work on themselves better. They can put this service to multiple uses such as:
  1. Giving healthcare service providers the necessary information
  2. Regulating the stored information
  3. Monitoring and recording one’s own health.
  4. This increases the level of accuracy and psychological satisfaction in the patient
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A Blockchain-based platform identity and consent management system that will encourage the service receivers, the individuals to be a part of this initiative to share their precious medical healthcare data with people with a sense of security, who could put that data to a better purpose. The platform strives to reinforce the effectiveness of healthcare, strengthen transparency and boost confidence amongst the various stakeholders. This platform will work in enhancing data privacy particularly in light of various alterations made in the regulations and guidelines regarding the same, for example- GDPR(EU), HIPAA(USA), India’s upcoming DISHA. 

Blockchain is a revolution in the field of technology that has worked wonders with various different genres in society. Integrating this revolutionary blockchain technology with our healthcare system, imagine the wonders it could bring to this world. It will bring a lot of positive innovations with it, namely secure and transparent transactions, decentralized data tracking and data movements, and also prevention of identity theft. All of this could contribute to the reform of the current healthcare network and make it more efficient and solve the apparent problems of the current model.

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All this will be facilitated by a consent mechanism that will allow the users to seek or give consent to access the data. The location of the record will be hashed on the blockchain. The technology will utilize public and private key cryptography enabling permissioned access to the data stored in a secured cloud via its hash on the blockchain. As per local compliance requirements, the users will remain pseudonymous. 

Their respective identities will be unknown and encrypted to further alleviate the apprehensions surrounding data exchange. By sharing the public keys generated, they would be able to allow access to the data. The public key would be subject to an authorization engine that will decide whether the public key would be approved or rejected thereby determining if the data is accessible or not. Subsequent transactions will be time-stamped and recorded on the blockchain. This will create a trail that can’t be manipulated.

Thus medSurf serves as a supermarket of healthcare data and facilitates a seamless exchange of this data amongst the various stakeholders of the healthcare industry. This data when processed can help the industry grow beyond what it is today with the ease of a proper consent management system that gives the data access in the hands of the owner only. This data when shared also rewards the owner for sharing their valuable information with the concerned authority.


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