DISCOVEREverything you Need to Know about medSure

Everything you Need to Know about medSure


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Counterfeit pharmaceutical drugs and equipment are one of the major problems the world is facing currently. Counterfeit medical drugs, also called Falsified drugs, are those that are deliberately mislabeled for a fraudulent purpose. These medicines can either have a shift of expiry date or a blend of some different salt in their composition or might have been classified as a substandard drug concerning the authority guidelines. The World Health Organization in 1992, conducted a conference dedicated to this troublesome issue  which also led to the release of the “WHO GUIDELINES FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF MEASURES TO COMBAT COUNTERFEIT DRUGS.”


With the advent of COVID-19, this situation only worsened. As the waves continued to hit the world with their severe blow, the counterfeiters found their opportunity to enter the market and circulate their spurious and substandard drugs and equipment in the market, unaffected by the harmful effect they might cause to the people already in pain. 

The mere presence of spurious and substandard drugs in the market is a crime against humankind. The complexity of the problem is attributed to its huge distribution channel and the highly tangled network of medicines with the incentive of the profits that are associated with this counterfeit business.  The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 lays emphasis on the “Safe, Effective, Quality and Affordable essential medicines” keeping in record all the serious consequences of these spurious drugs globally. 

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The presence of these drugs is majorly noticed in places lacking in the technological aspects and has limited access to quality medical drugs or types of equipment, places where there is a lack in implementation of quality standard pharmaceutical practices. A systematic review of prevalence studies carried out in 25 Low- and Middle-income countries found that the median prevalence of counterfeit medicines was 28.5 % (11–48.0 %). However, the globalization of the pharmaceutical market and the rise of internet use and online sale of various types of medical products led to the spread of SF medical products in developed countries. The SF medical products included all types of medicines ranging from lifestyle products to life-saving ones. However, antibiotics and antimalarials were the most commonly reported ones.

This led to the need for a technology that could not only serve the innocent people from being the target of these counterfeiters but also the dedicated, hardworking manufacturers who strive to serve their society and their country. This sowed the seed for our revolutionary service medSure. 

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medSure, a state-of-the-art, blockchain-based, NFT-enabled, Anti-counterfeiting, Track and Trace solution, powered by medGrids with the sole motive to combat counterfeit and ensure a safe pharmaceutical experience, the basic right of every individual. Its unique Non-Fungible Token technology is adopted to maintain the unique identity of every single unit manufactured by a pharma manufacturer unit, making them hack proof and safe from tampering as well. 

The unique QR code assigned to every single unit of the package prevents the chances of counterfeit at any level of the transit. Apart from this it also facilitates the real-time tracking of the Supply Chain by the manufacturer which leads to the prevention of other suspicious activities like Medicine Hoarding, In-Transit complications, Shortage of Raw Materials, Sudden demand pattern shift, and facilitates the circulation of quality medicines, better Inventory management.

This unique amalgamation of advanced blockchain technology with the healthcare sector medSure will, in the coming future create a platform that is secured and safe for not just the general audience but also for the various stakeholders that work as the backbone of the sector to keep it strong as a wall.

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Its exceptional technology involves no complex hardware/software required for its users, instead, the power lays in our hands only, in the smart device we carry generally. Its feature of flagging the recalled products in real-time helps the manufacturer to take timely actions against any act of counterfeit and maybe fail the attempt. 

Protect your brand uniqueness and brand integrity with medSure. Be Sure with medSure.


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