DISCOVEREverything you Need to know about medSheets

Everything you Need to know about medSheets


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Fragmented and unorganized data in the form of various unstandardized health records, non-interoperable medical data, dispersed individuals having ownership of the data, and reliance on obsolete methods and legacy systems are some of the issues plaguing the healthcare industry. Above all this, even after knowing and acknowledging the various plus points and benefits of digitalization, there is an overall hesitation among healthcare providers to shift to a cloud-based EMR system. The reason behind the resistance is the fear of sharing sensitive medical information on a public EMR system that can be identified and where break-ins are more common. All of this combined results in the limited adoption of new technologies and almost nonexistent utilization of advancements in healthcare IT. The outcomes of such a backward system directly impact the quality of medical records stored, the efficiency of healthcare delivery and thereby raising the maintenance costs and deteriorating the treatment outcomes

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“An EHR is a digital version of a patient’s medical chart that is maintained by the provider over time and may include all of the key administrative clinical data relevant to that person’s care under a particular provider. – National Institutes of Health

Electronic Health Records was a term that first flashed in the 1960s, but it wasn’t until 2009 when the government passed the “Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act” and allocated billions of dollars generously to adapt and implement the concept of EHR on a large scale.

It is a comprehensive collection of the medical data of an individual, comprising all of his/her medical records in the form of their report, prescriptions, and more. The NIH further adds to the definition that apart from being a comprehensive collection, EHR also facilitates the shareability of the data to some other concerned healthcare practitioner or the person himself. 

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Electronic Health Records have several benefits, keeping in mind the POV of a healthcare practitioner or a person who seeks these healthcare services. These records help in seeking a retrospective look at the case history and all its relevant details. If we try to enlist a few of the benefits of maintaining an EHR the list will be beyond imagination.

A well-maintained EHR can help reduce medical errors and work towards better and more accurate medical records. It will facilitate timelessness in the field of medicine by providing access to these records in no time.


Need of the hour, a reliable platform that ensures safe storage and access of one’s medical documents and a record that is for a lifetime. Need of the Hour is medSheets, a blockchain-based, lifetime accessible, free of cost, immutable electronic healthcare record. medSheets provides you with the provision of maintaining free-of-cost medical health records over its electronic platform that can be easily shared across all the platforms and is hassle-free too. 

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medSheets serves as a one-stop solution for all your healthcare needs, the platform tries to envelope all the aspects of a patient’s journey. Beginning with the very first step of locating a healthcare practitioner and ending on the final documentation, medSheets has it all covered for you. 

  1. Locate a healthcare practitioner in your location.
  2. Book your Lab Testings
  3. Purchase your medicines online
  4. Book an Ambulance 
  5. Set Pill Reminders
  6. Maintain EHR

Its smart location-based feature helps you locate and book services from your nearest medical healthcare facility, thus helping you reach your required service in lesser time. 

With all your data in your hands, just a click away, one can stay assured about their precious medical data being in a safer place and if we must say in better hands.  


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