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Eight Workouts to Do While You’re Working In the Cubicle


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No matter how hard it was initially for us to get used to the work from home culture, once we realized the benefits of it, there had to be no going back. We could take out time to exercise even if it was just a fifteen minutes walk. Since we’re finally returning to our cubicles, there seems to be no way we can grab a break and stretch our bodies. But what if you were to be told that you could work out in your cubicle, in your own small space?

In this article, we shall be discussing some postures and stretching exercises that you could practice, while you’re in your cubicle. 

Eight Cubicle Workouts

One-legged Hamstring Stretch:

Cubicles require you to be seated for a long time. Long seating sessions could make you have terrible pain in the back and also make your Hamstring muscles stiff. A stiff hamstring restricts movement and muscles of the back may experience a tear in the long run. 

It is therefore advised that you move your muscles whenever you get time. An effective way to work out is to try a one-legged hamstring stretch. All you need to do is get up from your chair, stand at a distance from your desk. Now place one of your legs on the table and try to stretch your body. With both, your hands try to touch your feet. Try the same with another leg. Repeat this at least five times with each leg.

Seated Chair Crunches:

Seated Chair Crunches

For this one, you do not even need to get up from your seat. This exercise helps you work out on your thighs and abdomen. For better posture and balance, try to bring your seat to a lower level. Now slip down a bit. 

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Your head should be pressed against the middle spot of the backrest of the chair. Your glutes should be towards the edge of the chair. Rest your arms on the armrest and pull your knees towards your chest. Now push them away from the chest, just the way you do boat crunches. Repeat this at least 20 times.

Alternating Toe Touches:

This is one of the easiest exercises to practice. Most of you must have done it as a part of the warm sessions that lead to any kind of physical activity. Just jump out of your seat and push the chair away.

Now spread your legs away, making at least a 60° angle between both your legs. Now let your arms open as wide as you can. With your right arm, you have to touch your left foot and with your left arm, you have to touch your right foot. You can also instead of spreading your legs, choose to raise them above the waist and then touch them with your opposite hand.

Seated Oblique Crunches:

If you seek an exercise that allows you to stretch your body without actually getting up from the seat, try the seated oblique crunches. Sit with your back erect, on the chair. Now stick your knees together and place your hands behind your head just like you would do during crunches. 

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Now bow on one side, bending your waist and pulling your elbow towards the hip bone, and repeat this on the other side too. This entire exercise has to be repeated at least 10 times to relieve you of any kind of back pain.

Seated Torso Twist:

Seated Torso Twist

This is another interesting exercise that does not require you to get up from your seat. You do not even need to stretch extra or bend a lot. All you need to do is just sit with your back straight on the seat. Your legs should be stuck to each other. 

Now keep your back straight and turn to one side, moving just your waist. Then, turn to the other side using just your waist. You do not have to move your neck or your legs in the process. Your legs should be pointing forwards, throughout the exercise.

Desk Push-ups:

If you love push-ups, especially plank push-ups, you are going to love this exercise. It will help you keep your pectoralis pumped and biceps too. Just push your chair to another side of the cubicle and stand in front of the desk. Now place your palms on the edge of the desk and grip them firmly. Now move your feet away from the desk and you’ll be standing in an inclined manner, with your hands pressed against the desk. 

You have taken your position and now all you need to do is rise, hold any object against which you can rest your body weight, and push your body towards the object slowly- exactly how you would do in a regular pushup. 

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Chair Hamstring Curls:

You will need to do some extra amount of work for this exercise. Push your chair a bit away from your working desk. Now clean the space a bit and lie down on the ground. Place your legs on the chair and lift your buttocks above the ground. 

Now all you need to do is just pull your heels towards your glutes. Just make sure your chair has wheels on its legs, otherwise, there will be no point trying that hard.

Desk Dips:

Desk Dips

As a part of this, you need to sit on your feet, at a very close distance from the chair. Now place your arm on the chair. Align your back parallel to the chair and rise to balance yourself on your feet. When you sit, it has to be done parallel to the chair. This will help you work on your hamstring, back, glutes, etc.  


Sitting in the cubicle for a long time can have disastrous effects on your body. Also, taking a break to stretch your body revitalizes your energy and helps you focus better on your work. There are some of the exercises that you can do in your cubicle itself and you do not need to go out. These have been mentioned in the article. There are obviously many more such exercises that you can try to keep yourself fit and healthy while working from your cubicle.


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