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Significance of Physical Fitness in Our Life

Physical fitness promotes strong bones and muscles, improves health and well-being, prevents various health problems, lowers the risk of diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer, and enhances one’s quality of life. Physical fitness alleviates stress, tension, and the risk of depression and makes you feel better. Making better eating choices and consistently […]

Healthcare Management And Its Importance

Management skills are essential in almost every industry of business. This includes the healthcare industry, where poor management can be the difference between life and death. The value of managerial skills in healthcare cannot be emphasised, as hospitals and their staff require specialised training to maintain professionalism. Managers of hospitals are responsible for a wide […]

End to End Track and Trace Solution Based on Blockchain

Today’s supply chains are worldwide networks that bring manufacturers, suppliers, logistics firms, and retailers to get items to customers. Modern supply chains are growing more complicated and divergent as they grow in size.  Traditional supply chains typically rely on paper-based, disconnected data systems, which create information silos and time-consuming product monitoring. Traceability and transparency are […]

Customer Loyalty Program Assist your Business Gaining Loyal Customers Community

Customer loyalty is a preference for a company’s products and services above those offered by competitors. Customers loyal to a single source are resistant to pricing or availability changes. They would rather pay more for the same high-quality service and product they have expected.  Any company’s soul is its customers. As a result, it’s easy […]

Importance of Inventory Management in Pharmaceutical Industry

Every day, the pharmaceutical industry evolves. It provides its system with a high level of service to ensure that medical devices are delivered on time. Effective inventory management is required in this manner, and it is an important goal for all healthcare sectors. It helps pharmaceutical companies avoid raw material shortages and incorrect usage of […]

Significance of Electronic Health Record

A digitised copy of a patient’s medical reports and electronic medical records are digitised records of clinical services delivered to a patient by a practitioner. Electronic health records are networked databases that hold a patient’s electronic medical records in part or whole. EHRs are shared with a trusted network so that other healthcare professionals can […]

medGrid’s Blockchain Based Healthcare Supply Chain Management

In healthcare, blockchain has a wide range of applications and functions. The ledger technology helps healthcare researchers uncover genetic code by facilitating the secure transfer of patient medical records, managing the drug supply chain, and facilitating the safe transfer of patient medical records.  Blockchain technology transactions are a significant monitoring technique in healthcare supply chain […]