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9 Important but Lesser Known Facts about Breast Cancer


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Breast cancer is one of the most widely prevalent issues in the present times. Breast cancer has been known to emerge out of the blues and engulf every piece of happiness a person cherishes. But, there are warriors, who have not only proven how hollow these claims are but have set examples on setting one’s spirits high.  

Breast cancer is the most fatal disease killing a large number of women across the globe. Like most other cancers, breast cancer can also be treated in its early stages but chemotherapy is not the easiest experience to go through in the world. Survivors of breast cancers have time and again proven what warriors they are. And to go through the same war, one needs to be guided by these warriors themselves. 

In this article, we have listed some important points of information shared from their experiences, by cancer survivors, from across the world. It not only contains tips related to the treatment but things that a doctor might not be able to tell you.

Fertility treatments:


A woman who is suffering from breast cancer and willing to go for chemotherapy to treat it must keep in mind certain factors before she does so. A woman who is planning on having kids after the therapy, or is seeking some fertility treatment, must complete the procedures before the chemotherapy begins. Or, she must get started with the chemotherapy, after the treatments have been accomplished. 

Hair loss:

Hair loss:

Chemotherapy is not like any other medication or treatment you could go for and come back cured. It imposes more risks to one’s body than one can imagine. Hair loss is one such factor that can stampede on one’s mental health. Watching one’s hair fall off from their scalp is a disastrous experience. Women often lose the confidence and the will to look at themselves in the mirror. When one experiences such emotional lows, they must seek help from help groups and counselors.

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Fluctuations in weight:

Steroids form a major component of the medication prescribed during the treatment of breast cancer. These steroids often lead to a sudden increase in the weight of the patient, further deteriorating their body image issues. In such times, one must give their body some time to be accepted and must try to accept themselves for as long as they can not do much about it.

Low sex drive:

As soon as the treatment, which could be medicines, radiotherapy, or chemotherapy, begins, one starts feeling very low and weak. This is a side effect of the harsh radiation and chemicals that one’s body is exposed to. This often results in a low sex drive which makes one’s romantic relationships suffer terribly. 

Breast reconstruction:

When the treatment begins, most women have their breasts removed, which worsens their body image issues. Some women feel like they’ve lost what made them a woman. Primarily, women should be helped to accept the circumstances and not limit themselves to their breasts. Apart from it, breast reconstruction is possible and a woman can get her breasts back, once the treatment is over.

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A woman who has had implants might feel like they’ve turned cold all of a sudden, during the treatment. Before the treatment begins, or as soon as this situation occurs, one must not shy away from telling their doctors about their implants. If any foreseen complications can be avoided, the doctors might take help from this heads up.

Complementary therapies:

Like we mentioned earlier, chemotherapy is one of the most painful experiences to go through in life. Apart from the pain, there are several other side effects that one might face during and after the treatment is over. There are several complementary therapies available to help you fight the side effects of the treatment. These complementary therapies, like massage, acupuncture, etc, make it easier to tolerate the post-treatment period.

Life after cancer:

There is a life after cancer, some even compare it with being reborn. The treatment one is given for cancer puts them through the most bizarre physical pain. After the treatment is over, the gone pain does seem like a boon but the life that comes with it, especially when one is bedridden and is prescribed long bed rest, affects one’s mental health terribly. Hence, mental health should be prioritized over anything else.


We did mention that breast reconstruction is an option but it must be understood that it is not about one single surgery. Reconstruction can go from 2 surgeries to 7 surgeries and one cannot quit in the way. Also, there is a lot of money to be invested when it comes to such surgeries. Reconstruction is like a journey you traverse keeping your spirits high and holding on to your strength.

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In this article, we talked about how breast cancer is one of the most fatal diseases killing countless women each year, across the globe. The treatment for breast cancer involves strong medication and therapies like chemo and radiation therapy. Apart from these, it involves an entire roller coaster ride of emotions which mostly gets one to face the lowest emotional points in life. It often can be tough for a person to hold on to their physical and emotional strength at such times but with the help and guidance of their friends, family, and cancer survivors, the tasks become less tough. 

There are several challenges that one faces during and after the treatment. It is advisable that if one is taking fertility treatments, they must do it before the cancer treatment begins. Also, when one’s hair starts to fall off, it becomes hard to experience it all alone. One must not shy away from taking help at such times. 

Women start to gain weight all of a sudden, their sex drive falls, there are several changes in their bodies. With the help of some counseling, it becomes slightly less tough for them to go through it. Also, breast reconstruction is always an option for those who have gotten their breasts removed.


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