Health8 Asanas that will help to Improve your Stamina...

8 Asanas that will help to Improve your Stamina and Metabolism


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After the pandemic, the possibility of living healthy and longer has become a topic of discussion. From all over the world, people are finding the best ways to live healthily and to make robust personalities. But the incredible tips are hidden in the epic books of our medieval period like atharveda and that is – YOGA

Old sages, priests always used to practice these yogas to make themselves healthy and physically or mentally fit. Due to this reason, they can live for longer times without intake of anything. Yoga practices keep you fit from the inner side and this way you will experience improvement in beauty and wellness. So if you also want to maintain this kind of body to fight against pandemics like – corona or its coming versions. Then start practicing these poses to build robust immunity and strength. 

Here are the best yoga poses that will help you to improve your beauty and wellness 

Practicing Yoga daily requires dedication, a little bit of motivation, and discipline to improve your health. Now you can start at home without spending a single penny and the following yogas are the best to make you attractive. 

  • Savasana – 

This asana will help you to relax your whole body and give insane benefits to your mind and soul. In this, you need to focus on breathing and focus on exhaling or inhaling for better results. As per the experts – this yoga helps in heart rate, improves mood, and is good for diabetes patients. 

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Ways to do it – 

To perform SAVASANA, you need to lie down on the floor and feel relaxed. 

  • Viparita Karani – 

This asana is helpful for blood circulation and reduces the problem of leg swelling and any kind of fatigue in the body. And you can do it effortlessly on the floor. 

Ways to do it – 

Keep your legs up the wall and rest your body lying on the floor and make sure there will be no inconvenience through performing this asana. 

  • Marjaryasana-Bitilasana – 

This pose is also known as – cat-cow stretch. Asana is best for improving flexibility and alleviating the pain of the back. And you need to make a posture like a cow through your knees and both hands. Make sure you take care of your breathing while inhaling or exhaling and maintain the posture along with that. 

  • Adho mukha Shwanasana or parvatasana – 

Shwanasana is best to reduce your belly fat and also improve the strength in the hand or spinal cord. Stand straight and touch the floor after bending your knees and make sure your legs will be straight. Raise your hips and maintain breathing for a better experience. Leave it for 5-10 seconds and repeat it 4-5 times. 

  • Apanasana – 
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This asana also improves your digestion, back pain, and improves the flexibility. Lie on the floor and hug the bent knees and lock it with your hands. Consistent practicing of this yoga will definitely give you insane results. 

  • Setu Bandha Sarvangasana – 

This pose is also known as – the bridge pose. If you are fed up with your back pain then this is the perfect exercise for yourself. Asana keeps your core robust and you will never feel fatigued from the spine. On the other hand, this is the best stretching exercise and you can start the exercise from this asana. 

Ways to do it – 

Lie down straight on the floor and pull your body straight upwards to the floor and try to stretch as per your convenience. Maintain your breathing and leave it for 5-10 seconds and rest after some time. 

  • Cobbler’s pose – 

To improve your flexibility, boost strength, and reduce the cholesterol and diabetes problem. The best fact about this pose is that – doctors also suggest this pose for the patients of prior mentioned diseases. 

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Ways to do it – 

Sit straight and keep your feet in front just by bending the legs and then hold the touching feet through your hands. 

  • Utkatasana – 

This is a kind of squat that will help you to reduce calories and this pose improves the strength of the upper and lower sides of the body. Another best advantage of this asana is that – it maintains the balance of the whole body. 

Ways to do it – 

Suppose you are sitting on a chair and similarly you need to maintain the posture the same way you need to balance the body with the imagination of the chair. 

Wrapping up – 

Yoga is the best activity that you can do at home without spending any penny. For every kind of problem, there is a suggestion for yoga and you can alleviate the problem without consulting any medical consultant or medicine. 


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