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5 Common Challenges Faced During Recovery From Drug Addiction


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Recovering from any kind of addiction takes time. It also takes commitment, guts, and time. If you are reading this, you have already achieved much of the success you had. The Magnitude of Substance Use in India Survey conducted by the National Drug Dependence Treatment Center (NDDTC) of AIIMS reported 16 crore alcohol addicts in the nation. 3.1 crore Indians have reported using cannabis products, bhang, ganja, charas, heroin, and opium. A total of 72 lakh people stay addicted, while only 20 lakh drug addicts get treatment at the hospital. 

Completing your rehab program and entering society as a sober person does not come easy. It comes with its own set of challenges. Throughout this process, you must have lost quite a lot. Beginning to clean up yourself from drug addiction would demand the following sacrifices. 

Financial Challenges

Financial Challenges Faced in the recovery of drug addiction

One of the major challenges in the recovery of drug addiction lies in managing your finances. In the process of addiction, you have already lost pretty much every penny in your pocket. You have arranged money in every possible way- begging, borrowing, or even stealing. Now you are left with no other option but to get away from it.  Coping with the financial situation can be overwhelming but learn to pay your bills. Prioritize your expenses.

Start by paying off the debts you borrowed before. Maintain a healthy living space, eat every meal of the day. To cope with this situation, start by making an addiction recovery plan worksheet. This is a sustainable way of managing your funds and saving them for the future at the same time.

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Surviving Without The Crutch

Drugs and alcohol act as a crutch to people having the same. Such people tend to find a way to get back to drugs. It is hard to handle them in this phase of life. Rehabilitation helps them to cope with these cravings, and they take away this crutch. 

All of this brings more emotional challenges. With each day passing by, they feel frustrated. There can be mixed feelings for your relationship. Earlier emotional issues were very well handled by drugs or alcohol. Now it has to be handled with soberness. Find ways to cope with them by having a good friend around to show you the right path.

Cravings And Triggers

Cravings And Triggers

Even after years of detox, there will be times you will crave drugs or alcohol. The core issue of addiction is that it never goes. You can only suppress it. There are two ways in front of you in the rehab centers- Suppress the cravings or crave till your dreadful death. The recovery program would help you to deal with these cravings and triggers healthily. You will know when it is happening and the way to let go of them. These will include- practicing self-care, calling your close friend, having your favorite ice cream, doing anything you enjoy. 

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Anxiety And Depression

They are an integral part of your journey, both depression, and anxiety. Many people experience them. These symptoms are so common that people do not want to seek special medical attention for them. Stress, anxiety, and depression can change the recovering addict’s behavior completely. Speaking to a doctor or a therapist can prove to be of great help. Practice mindfulness, learn techniques to calm your breathing, practice yoga, listen to soothing music, and practice other ways of relaxing your mind. 

Drugs and alcohol could have been your support before, but it is time to change your lifestyle with healthy alternatives. Early recovery from addiction could have been easier, but it is never too late to bring change to your personality. 

Restlessness And Weariness

restlessness and weariness

There will be a uniform schedule for everything from meals to exercise, in the rehabilitation center. It does not mean you will not be allowed your leisure time. This will not remain the same when you get back to your home. It will be a threat to your sobriety. Boredom and restlessness will increase the craving because you enjoyed the feeling of staying drunk or high previously. You can utilize your time by doing other things. Enroll yourself in yoga programs or meditation centers to increase your focus. It is a great way to conquer your feelings of going back on the same path. The sooner you create a new lifestyle for yourself, the easier it gets to stop these feelings. 

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In all your phases of drug addiction, your peers differed from now. Everything is going to change with the new lifestyle. You can get the feeling of going back but remember you have gone through a lot in this journey, and it should all be worth it. This is your time to modify unhealthy behavior, learn some new skills, and choose a path of sobriety. 

After drugs and alcohol, many people find out that they lack purpose in life. It can be true for people who wasted most of their lives on drugs. Making the transition from the life of addiction to independent life can demand everything you own. Your recovery is not just a walk in the park. It means you will have to find ways of employment, spend time with family, get new friends, talk to people outside your circle, do things you know you enjoy, and change your behavior completely. 


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