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India’s no.1 Healthcare Data and Delivery Ecosystem

Leveraging the growing advancement in the digital space, medGrids is integrating cutting-edge technologies to design a dynamic, reliable, and truly patient-centric digital healthcare ecosystem. medGrids presents a unique blockchain-based healthcare platform that unites the disparate stakeholders and competitive services along the healthcare sector. Our visionary drive aims to expand the tired and blurry boundaries of healthcare subjected to the confines of centralization. medGrids is on a mission to solidify the future of digital healthcare with trust, confidence, and transparency using blockchain technology.


Be part of a network that by design can’t be changed or altered, offering user control and ownership over their data.


Using cryptography, medGrids offers an extra layer of protection against illicit activities and cybercrimes.


Uniting the disparate stakeholders, our network aims to offer access without compromising the sanctity of the data.


Offering users control and transparency over their data, medGrids aims to pluck out the centralized outline of the healthcare sector.


Dr. Rajpushpa LabhMD Pharmacology (UCMS & GTBH), Co-founder & CEO

Sakshi Kaushik Nursing Office r(CTVS) AIIMS New Delhi, Co-founder & CIO

Alok Agarwal Vision and Strategy

Our Story

The idea

The life-threatening repercussions of the shortcomings in primary healthcare confine the users to access healthcare services. Our drive originates from recognizing the inevitable role of man-made access, resources, and control in situations that at times are government outside the limits of human control. It's not just an idea, it's our vision to break down the centralized barriers to instigate a revolutionary transformation to complete decentralization throughout the fragmented services currently encompassing the healthcare sector. In the still-developing journey towards digital healthcare, technological advancement is the concrete ground supporting the very towering and demanding needs of the future. medGrids is a transparent and open, yet highly secure architecture to create a flawless healthcare ecosystem.

What we offer

What we offer is more than just a product or service. Representing our dream for a better future of the digital healthcare sector, medGrids is a comprehensively designed Decentralized Healthcare Data and Delivery ecosystem. Optimizing the evolution in the technology sector for the benefit of humans, medGrids’ Blockchain-powered network leverages the benefits of cutting edge technologies and offers the ultimate platform that can support the fragmented services across the healthcare sector and the dynamic pace of the industry along with its competition fueled stakeholders that isolate the data. Within our extensively designed ecosystem, medGrids offers advanced and decentralized alternatives for Telehealth, E-medicine, Data Aggregation and Auction, Pharmacovigilance, Anti-Counterfeit Drugs, etc., and integrates them on our immutable and unhackable network.

Our Mission

Our mission is to eliminate intermediary barriers, delivering the patients not only access to their data but also control over how their data is used and can be shared. We aim to deliver awareness and control over the utilization of healthcare data to the patients and offer them the choice to not only have a consented participation but optimize the monetary variable of their health data to their gains.

Our work and culture

Right minds, Right ideas, Right attitude, and a drive that kicks for the good. Our work and culture both are the living centerpieces that represent colors of diversity, dynamic nature, and flexibility that pampers the cardinal attitude that powers our drive for the betterment of the healthcare sector.

medGrids is on a journey that aims towards etching the future of healthcare with trust and carrying this legacy till the end of time. With the same idea resonating in the air around us, our team carries the very vision that holds the potential for change.

At medGrids we value the power of extensive knowledge that comes with experience. Our team is nurtured under the expertise of industry veterans and technology savants that are guiding the project every step of the way and ensuring the reflection of our ideology in them.

Lastly, we leverage our thirst for tech-based developments and progressions in the industry to offer efficiency and pave the way for our legacy to grow beyond the monetary greed in the industry.

India’s Largest Decentralized Healthcare Platform

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